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To foundry A.C.M.S is specialized, since 1980 (Fully qualified teacher ISO9001) in the production of molded rooms(parts,plays) shell(misprint), chemical sand, or by coring Croning. In the light alloys - cuprous - of zinc. Small, average and big series.

And it complêment A.C.M.S studies, realizes the equipments of foundry, executes the operations of manufacturing, tests(events), polishing, paint(painting), and assemblies(editings) of sets(groups).
Our creations vary in numerous business sectors, energetics, rail transportation, building(ship), as well as of the office furniture.
Furthermore, the quality of its raw material and its park performing machines allow him(her) to meet the requirements of cost, quality and of deadlines(extensions) of clientele.
We guarantee you a well-kept work, a quality work.
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